Addition Basic Kit 100 Basic Kit for Addition

The Starter Kit for Addition includes the Main Text, the Clue Cards for reinforcement, and the Student Workbook with practice sheets and draw your own picture quizzes. A popular choice for tutors and parents.

Our Price: $43.85
Times Alive Online Instant Times Alive Software - Monthly Subscription Online Version

Times tables games, stories and songs make learning easy and effective. This tried and true method of Times Tables the Fun Way teaches all the times tables 0s through 9s. The online version has coloring pages, drag the picture games, and quizzes to make learning fun.

Our Price: $9.95/1 month(s)

Monthly Subscription
Setup Cost: $6.95
City Creek Press Catalog, learn times tables, memorize multiplication facts City Creek Press 2017 Catalog

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Times Basic Kit 200 Basic Kit for Times Tables

The Basic Kit for Times includes the Main Text, the Clue Cards for reinforcement, and the Student Workbook with practice sheets and draw your own picture quizzes. A popular choice for tutors and parents.

Our Price: $43.85
Times Tables the Fun Way Book for Kids Times Tables the Fun Way Book for Kids (main text)

The Most Amazing Book in the World.

"I am 19 years old and I was read this book in 3rd grade and I still to this day remember my multiplication by the picture method. I used to think that I wasn't smart because I wouldn't understand the number just sitting on the paper but when I saw this book I was amazed I could remember that 8 x 8 was (64). It really is the best book out there."

Our Price: $19.95
Addition the Fun Way Book for Kids Addition the Fun Way Book for Kids (main text)

This amazing and proven method includes pictures and stories to memorize addition facts up to 10 plus 10. Students of all learning styles love the colorful pictures. Once they have the visual image in their head and know the story, it is easy to remember the addition facts.

Our Price: $19.95
Math Help for Kids with Learning Disabilities
Proven Success with Times Tables the Fun Way

If your child struggles with math, it could be that they need an alternative, more right brained way to learn numbers. Since the times tables are the foundation for all math operations after third grade, their attitude towards math can turn around in a lasting way when they feel the success of learning the times tables. Our method uses pictures and stories to help kids remember. Once students are able to remember the answers, they are often also able to do division, ratios, and algebra, because times tables knowledge is the main tool needed for all mathematical operations. Students with learning disabilities, including dyscalculia,dyslexia, autism, Asperger's, NLD, and ADHD are able to excel when math stories are used to help them remember the crucial multiplication facts. A study involving 756 students, 18 schools, and 36 teachers showed that post-test scores were significantly higher in the Times Tables the Fun Way group.

A note from Lee Decker. New York
"Judy, you don't know me, we've never met, but you have helped me in a clearly miraculous way that has helped lessen the struggle of learning that has plagued me my entire life. Specifically about math.

I can't describe my anguish of standardized learning and mathematics in school, I cried every night and after every math class, and was in remedial math classes my entire life. I admit, I'm not a shining mathematician, or even successful college graduate, so I'm not a huge success story...
I remember the day as clear as yesterday when my 3rd grade teacher taught us multiplication (an impossible task in my eyes) with your book. It was like a miracle, when my language-oriented and creative mind read the stories of the times tables personified, suddenly lightning stuck and I understood everything.

I am writing to you as a 23 year old now because my boyfriend and I were watching a TV show where a participant did their times tables by quick addition out loud. I shook my head and explained to my boyfriend how I learned: "Well, 3x8 is 24 because of the bat in the cave... and 6x6 is 36 because they're thirsty..." realizing how delusional I sounded, I quickly searched for your books and then felt the desperate need to thank you. After all these years, the foundtaion of my adult life, paying bills, calculating gas or anything else, your pictures and stories dance in my mind. I am certain had it not been for you, I would yet remain entirely mathematically illiterate today. Thank you. You changed my life and saved me many sleepless nights."

A note from Patrick Kelly. Marin County, California.
The books and flash cards are spectacular. I took a trip with my son to Fiji for three weeks, and we did a bit everyday. By the time we returned home he could do all his math facts 0-9 for his mom. She had tears in her eyes. (He only knew his ones and twos when we left). Really this is a miracle program."