About Us

Helping kids get a kick out of learning since 1992.

The success of City Creek Press, owned and operated by educational pioneer Judy Liautaud, comes from its continued dedication to the education of children. In 1992, while operating the Sylvan Learning Center in Bountiful, Utah, Judy was determined to find a way to help her students learn math tables in a fun and meaningful way. She created a unique method that connected visual images, stories, and songs to mundane number facts. Judy tested her method through the teachers at the center, who were delighted to discover that their students now approached math tables with real interest. Further studies demonstrated that students using Judy’s method retained 95% of the facts on average.

The great success of this method led Judy to create her first publication, Times Tables the Fun Way, which was published in 1992 through a company she established called Key Publishers. Judy’s second book Addition the Fun Way soon followed, achieving the same high levels of success among students.

By marketing directly to teachers in schools, Judy’s Fun Way products quickly grew in popularity throughout the nation. As product sales continued to double every year for the first four years, it was clear that a larger publishing capability was needed. The newly named City Creek Press moved to its new location in Minneapolis in July 2000, where Judy could take advantage of the excellent printing and fulfillment services there.

Today City Creek Press offers 20 original products that serve one purpose – to make learning a fun and memorable experience for children throughout our nation. City Creek Press will continue to provide answers to educators dedicated to achieving academic success among their students.

"My third grade students were introduced to the program at the end of last year and came back to school this year remembering the facts. This year my job is so much easier.”
Jane Power, Lake Jackson, TX - THIRD GRADE TEACHER

“Times Alive created a joyful desire to learn multiplication and instilled a math confidence that will pay off exponentially in the future.”
Norma Shepherd, New York, NY, Homeschooler