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I get the error: Your file is damaged you should move it to the trash.

IMPORTANT - copy and paste instructions--To Download: Go to My Account in the upper right of the home page. View recent orders. Click on your order and find the download link. Wait for download to complete. Open your downloads folder and control click on Times Alive (Mac). Then open the folder and control click on the "f" icon for the Times Alive. app. You may want to move the entire folder to your desktop for easy access. Do not separate the contents of the folder or the program will lose the lesson content.

Problem: When I click on a lesson in Times Alive, the screen is blank.
All the files for the Times Alive Program must be in one folder. You probably clicked and drug part of the contents to a different location. There should be one folder called Times Alive. Inside there should be a folder titled media and an "f" icon that is the flash player. When you click on the f, it accesses the media, lesson files. Make sure these two items are in the same folder.

The program is too large for my monitor, I can not access the navigation buttons on the bottom of the screen.
Answer: You have an old version of Times Alive. Send an email to and ask to have the new version, 1.02, sent to you for no charge. Please refer to your original invoice number.