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The best way to memorize the addition facts.
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Addition Classroom Kit 505 Addition and Subtraction Classroom Kit 505

The best way to learn addition and subtraction with multi-sensory pictures and stories. This complete program has everything your student(s) need to learn addition and subtraction inside and out.

Our Price: $113.78
Addition the Fun Way Book for Kids Addition the Fun Way Book for Kids (main text)

This amazing and proven method includes pictures and stories to memorize addition facts up to 10 plus 10. Students of all learning styles love the colorful pictures. Once they have the visual image in their head and know the story, it is easy to remember the addition facts.

Our Price: $19.95
Addition Basic Kit 100 Basic Kit for Addition

The Starter Kit for Addition includes the Main Text, the Clue Cards for reinforcement, and the Student Workbook with practice sheets and draw your own picture quizzes. A popular choice for tutors and parents.

Our Price: $43.85