Compare Online Times Alive and the Times Alive App

Everyone asks what is the difference between Online Times Alive designed for computers and the Times Alive App. The short answer is that they both have the same content and same functionality but Online Times Alive keeps track of up to 30 students on any computer with the progress stored in the cloud. The Times Alive App keeps track of one student at a time and stores the progress on the device. Here is a little table to explain the differences.

Times Alive AppOnline Times Alive
CostOne Time Fee $14.95$9.95 a month/cancel anytime at
Tracks # of StudentsOne student per device/can be cleared to start overUp to 30 students
Records StoredOn the DeviceIn the cloud
LogonFrom deviceFrom any computer
Use withiPhone, iPad, Android devicesComputers and large tablets
Teaches all the 0s-9s with movies, stories, songs, and games.YesYes
Viewable Student Progress ReportYesYes
Can clear test scores to re-doYesYes
Keeps track of scores and lesson completionYesYes
Keeps track of time to complete testsYesYes
Printable Student Progress ReportsNoYes
Requires Internet During UseNoYes
Printable Blank TestsNoYes
Records Date of Lesson and TestsNoYes
Comparison Chart Online Times Alive and the Times Alive App

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