Addition and Subtraction Teacher Kit 301


Ideal Kit for teaching addition and subtraction to your classroom.


You’ll have the essentials to teach your class Addition and Subtraction using our proven picture and story multi-sensory method. This kit includes the main text, teacher’s manual with games and lesson plans, clue cards for games and reinforcement, the reproducible student workbook with draw your own picture quizzes, subtraction cards with someone missing from the story, and the popular Story Problems the Fun Way.

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“My children’s math scores greatly improved over last year. I credit that to your program.” Kathryn Jones, Kingman, AZ

Includes the following items:
Addition Book for Kids (1) -learn 1s-10s with pictures and stories
Addition Clue Cards (2) -picture cards for games and lessons
Addition Student Workbook (1) -60 pages of practice sheets and quizzes
Subtraction Cards (1) -reverses stories learned in Book for Kids to learn subtraction
Addition Teacher’s Manual (1) -lesson plans and games
Story Problems the Fun Way (1) -word problems, time, & money

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