Super Kit Math Essentials Program 10100


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This kit no longer available. Please order the Kit 401 and Kit 301 to get most of the same products.

The Super Kit includes all our multi-sensory products to teach times, division, addition, and subtraction with our proven picture and story method. Kids will beg for math class.

This Kit includes materials for all learning styles so no student will fall through the cracks. Learn with cartoons and stories, reinforce with Times Songs to Remember. The Teacher’s Manuals give a step by step account of each lesson including the materials to use. This kit includes all the products in the teacher’s kits plus the read along books on CD.

At the conclusion of this program, most students will thoroughly know addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and have a blast learning.

“It’s a painless way of teaching with its visual and auditory approaches to learning. A great tool for Special Ed students.” Doris Presley, Janesville, VA

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