Times and Division School Kit 4000

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Times and Division School Kit 4000


The Times Tables the Fun Way School Kit 4000 has 5 Teacher Kits 401. You will have the complete program for 5 teachers.
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Includes the following items:
• Times Book for Kids (5) -learn 0’s through 9’s with pictures and stories.
• Times Clue Cards (10) -picture cards for games and lessons in Teacher’s Manual
• Times Student Workbook (5) -60 pages of practice sheets and quizzes
• Division Flash Cards (5) -reverses the Times Book For Kids stories to learn division
• Times Teacher’s Manual (5) -includes lessons and games
• Songs to Remember Times (5) -catchy story-theme songs with sound effects
• ONE Times Activity Book (5) -make your own flash cards, color your own posters, fun activities

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Save 30% $188.60

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