How to Reduce Math Anxiety for Kids

reduce math anxiety

Students often feel overwhelmed when they’re introduced to multiplication. First, they have to grasp the concept that multiplication is a quick way of adding up groups of things. Next, they have to memorize the facts so they can make calculations, then they need to learn how to multiply double digits, then division, fractions, ratios, and …

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What’s the Best Order to Teach Times Tables?

Best order to teach times tables

When children are ready to learn multiplication, you may wonder what the best order is for teaching times tables. Most educators agree that teaching 0s, 1s, and 2s should come first. They’re the simplest sets to grasp. Students feel successful when they quickly learn the answer to one times any number is that number. Two …

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Times Tables—Do Kids Still Need to Learn Them?

learning times tables

Learning times tables is key to your child’s success in math. As students learn the multiplication tables, they will begin to recognize patterns, be able to handle more complex problems, and develop confidence during math lessons. As confidence in math class grows, it often spills into other aspects of a student’s life. Though there are …

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