Lee Decker

Judy, you don’t know me, but you have helped me in a clearly miraculous way to lessen the struggle of learning that has plagued my entire life. Specifically about math.
I can’t describe my anguish of standardized learning and mathematics in school, I cried every night and after every math class, and was in remedial math classes my entire life. I admit, I’m not a shining mathematician, or even successful college graduate. I remember the day as clear as yesterday when my 3rd grade teacher taught us multiplication (an impossible task in my eyes) with your book. It was like a miracle, when my language-oriented and creative mind read the stories of the times tables personified, suddenly lightning stuck and I understood everything.

I am writing to you as a 23 year old now because my boyfriend and I were watching a TV show where a participant did their times tables by quick addition out loud. I shook my head and explained to my boyfriend how I learned: “Well, 3×8 is 24 because of the bat in the cave… and 6×6 is 36 because they’re thirsty…” realizing how delusional I sounded, I quickly searched for your books and then felt the desperate need to thank you. After all these years, the foundtaion of my adult life, paying bills, calculating gas or anything else, your pictures and stories dance in my mind. I am certain had it not been for you, I would yet remain entirely mathematically illiterate today. Thank you. You changed my life and saved me many sleepless nights.