How City Creek Press Came to Life

In 1992, while operating the Sylvan Learning Center in Bountiful, Utah, Judy Liautaud was determined to discover the best ways to learn times tables in an effort to help students remember the facts so they could move ahead in math lessons. 

Judy and her then partner, Dave, researched creative ways to teach times tables and came up with the famous picture and story method. At the time, it was unlike any other type of teaching material that existed. It connected visual images, stories, and songs to mundane number facts to make learning fun and memorable. After flashing cards at students until she was blue in the face, Judy taught the story of the 8 snowmen. During the next math lesson, the student remembered the answer. Other teachers at the center were delighted when they received the same results. Finally the kids could remember the math facts. Now the teachers at the center could move ahead with math lessons.

These exciting results led us to create our first publication, Times Tables the Fun Way, in 1992. Our second book, Addition the Fun Way, soon followed, and also became popular with teachers and students during math teaching.

Eventually we developed a series of math books that kept learning math fresh and engaging. Our lessons are made up of lively cartoons, songs, books, audiobooks, workbooks, clue cards, posters, and digital downloads.

All of the City Creek Press resources are created with the proven method that we developed years ago. Studies showed that by using the picture and story method, retention of math facts is increased by 95% for students ages six and older. The City Creek Press method has also been proven to be especially effective for kids with dyslexia, kids with ADHD, and other learning differences. 

What’s the Point?

By developing fun and engaging teaching materials, City Creek Press has increased the desire for learning in our kids. Our goal has remained the same since we created our first math book in 1992—provide all students a way to succeed in math so they can develop confidence and feel more capable and smarter overall. 

About Times Alive and the Future of City Creek Press

Today, City Creek Press offers 20 original products that serve one purpose—to make learning a fun and memorable experience for children. City Creek Press will continue to provide solutions to educators dedicated to helping their students achieve academic success. One such product is the Times Alive animated mobile and desktop app. This software, designed to teach the times tables to students 6 and older in an unforgettable way, is available for Macs and PCs, iPads, iPhones, and android devices. City Creek Press is proud to present our best-selling math books in the Amazon store

City Creek Press Math Teaching Success Stories

Words from our community about Times Tables the Fun Way and Times Alive 

“Times Alive created a joyful desire to learn multiplication and instilled a math confidence that will pay off exponentially in the future.”

Norma Shepher
New York, NY, Homeschooler

“My third-grade students were introduced to the program at the end of last year and came back to school this year remembering the facts. This year my job is so much easier.”

Jane Power, Lake Jackson
TX, Third Grade Teacher

The Research Behind the Times Tables the Fun Way Method

Times Tables the Fun Way is Research-Based* 

An independently evaluated study involving 756 students, 11 counties, and 18 schools showed significant improvement (24% higher math scores) after using Times Tables the Fun Way.

*DATA VALIDATION: Using analyses of variance, (ANOVA), results showed that the pre-test scores were not significantly different, F(1,754), p,<605, suggesting that the students in the respective groups began the program at near-equal levels. The post-test results, however, did show a significant difference. Classrooms showed as much as 24% higher comparative scores F(1,754) p < .001m and individual scores showed as much as a 59% improvement F(1,754) p<.008. Campbell Study, Student Research Analysis, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah