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Having trouble teaching your students the times tables in a way that is engaging and lasts? City Creek Press has the solution. Our math lessons make learning times tables, addition, subtraction, and division fun and unforgettable. We have crafted a visual teaching method to give kids six and older the building blocks of math. Our goal — teaching for long-term retention. The City Creek Press award-winning method is based on storytelling and our blog is no different.

Our intriguing story and picture method was invented in 1992 and has been proven effective. Hear personal success stories and read about innovative teaching methods that might help your students. 

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How to Teach Kids Math in a Fun Way 

Our blog posts will help your math lessons by offering creative teaching techniques and inspiration on how to use stories to teach math. Find tips and tricks to enhance  student’s basic math and times tables knowledge while boosting their skill level and overall confidence.

Read Interviews and stories from Educators on How to Teach Math.

You will hear stories of how students have improved their self-esteem and knowledge by using our award-winning program. Our colorful activities have been proven to be especially effective for kids with dyslexia, kids with ADHD, and kids who have other learning differences. We will be sharing their stories with you here. 

The City Creek Press blog will show you how to teach kids math facts using our creative approach. Join in on the conversation on our blog right now!

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