Math the Fun Way

Simple, Fun, and Easy to Teach

  • Easy to memorize math facts with pictures and stories
  • Math that makes sense for kids with learning differences
  • Award winning story method makes the answers stick


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How Can Math Be Fun?

Memorizing the math facts is a must for success, yet many students struggle. It isn’t because these kids don’t have brain power. Raw number strings are meaningless for many of us. The secret is putting context to the fact. Math the Fun Way uses stories with a punchline which is the answer to the fact. After struggling, the student learns the story and the light bulb goes off. When kids feel success they have fun and are  eager for the next math lesson. Fun is fertilizer for learning.

  • Times Tables the Fun Way
  • Simple Division
  • Addition the Fun Way
  • Simple Subtraction
  • Online Times Alive Math Lessons

I have been an undying fan of your books and have used them extensively over my career first as a teacher and then a principal, I am proud to say that literally hundreds of students who struggled with memorizing their facts have found great success using your method, especially many Special Needs students for many of them can relate to the visuals.

Denise Kuhna, Hagerstown, MD

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