A Simple, Fun, and Easy Way to Teach Math Facts.

In 1992 City Creek Press revolutionized math lessons by creating the colorful and engaging stories for teaching times tables with Times Tables the Fun Way. Our Math the Fun way lessons for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division make learning the math facts fun and easy. When nothing else has helped in the past, kids with dyslexia and kids with ADHD and other learning differences are finding success learning times tables with our story-based methods because when the story clicks—the fact sticks. Learning Times Tables the Fun Way makes the multiplication tables unforgettable so future math lessons on fractions, ratios, division, or algebra are more easily conqueredStudies show our method of memorizing math facts outperforms conventional methods.

Find the Secret to Learning Times Tables

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Times Tables the Fun Way

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Parent and Teacher Comments

Judy, you don’t know me, but you have helped me in a clearly miraculous way to lessen the struggle of learning that has plagued my entire life. Specifically about math. I am 22 years old
and still remember the stories and times tables I learned from your book in third grade.

Lee Decker

NY, New York

The books and flash cards are spectacular. I took a trip with my son for three weeks, and we did a bit every day. By the time we returned he could do all his math facts 0-9 for his mom. She had tears in her eyes. (He only knew his ones and twos when we left). Really this is a miracle program.

Patrick Kelly

Marin County, California

I love your product. It is brilliant. And I thank you on behalf of all struggling learners for what you do. I will always refer your product to parents as I am a special educator.  

Carol Chirco.

Smithtown, New York

From the very first lesson my son was retaining the information! We went from pulling out hair and crying to dancing and singing and laughing again! Thank you again for this program!

Ronda Frank.

Russelville, Alabama

Download 6 songs, 6 stories, and 6 clue cards: Times Sampler Kit

Times Alive Video

With Times Alive kids learn all the times tables 0s-9s by associating the facts with a cartoon and a story. Once they have the picture in their head of the thirsty sixes crossing the desert, they will know forever that 6×6 = 36. (sounds like thirsty sixes). Mnemonics and visualization are important learning strategies that stick like glue when nothing in the past has worked. The program keeps track of student progress by scoring quizzes, date taken, and lessons completed. After each movie, a song plays and games are presented to reinforce the fact learned. Many students score 100% on the post-test after completing the program. Committing the times tables to memory will add ease to future math classes and just might make math a walk in the park.

Winner of the Smart Media Academics Choice Award