How to Help Kids Catch Up on Math Facts After Pandemic Learning Losses

Catch Up on Math Facts

When students return to school this fall, educators anticipate larger-than-normal learning gaps as a result of distance and hybrid learning during the pandemic. Results from a study by McKinsey and Company estimated that students, on average, could be 10 months behind on learning as of June 2021. Some school districts are focusing on remediation—taking kids …

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How City Creek Press Was Born

City Creek Born

It was 1992 and my partner Dave and I owned a Sylvan Learning Center. We bought it after Dave got weary of running up and down the hang gliding hill holding on to the kite wires to keep his students from crashing. We owned and operated the Wasatch Wings School of Hang Gliding in Draper, …

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So How is it Going Back to School?

virtual learning

Who would have thought this online schooling would last this long? The pandemic has changed our way of life in so many ways. Maybe now that people are getting vaccinated, the infections will slow down and drop off into oblivion. But even if that happened, how will our lives be changed forever? Will we quit …

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Why Stories Help Learning

Somebody said this about our Times Tables the Fun Way Book, “Its so much easier to remember the simple fact and answer than to remember a whole complicated story.”  This may be true for some people, but not for most. Read what Jen had to say: Why then, is it easier to remember a story …

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What is the Best Way to Teach Times Tables to Kids with Dyslexia?

Learning with Stories

Dyslexia doesn’t have anything to do with intelligence. So why do some children with dyslexia find it difficult to memorize the times tables? One reason is that children with dyslexia aren’t always able to hold information in working memory— that part of the brain that lays details out on the kitchen table for quick access.  …

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Compare Online Times Alive and the Times Alive App

Everyone asks what is the difference between Online Times Alive designed for computers and the Times Alive App. The short answer is that they both have the same content and same functionality but Online Times Alive keeps track of up to 30 students on any computer with the progress stored in the cloud. The Times …

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