Addition The Fun Way Teacher’s Kit


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The Addition the Fun Way Teacher’s Kit for Addition and Subtraction will provide a solid foundation for your students while they learn to memorize the addtion facts, subtraction facts, and learn basic mathematical operations with the Addition the Fun Way proven method. Program teaches stories to make the basic facts unforgettable. Learning Addition the Fun Way with pictures and stories is not fast but once learned,  it sticks and lasts. It takes some practice with associating the numbers with the characters in the story. This is why we have developed a student workbook with draw your own picture quizzes and activity sheets to re-inforce the stories learned. Kids love this program because not only are the stories fun and entertaining but students feel instant success when they are able to remember the answer which is the punch-line of the story. Teachers love it because it is fun to teach. The Teacher’s Manual will show you which stories to teach first and how to play our original games to enable kids to feel instant success. Clue cards help the kids associate the numbers with the characters in the story making retrieval of the answers simple and easy. Addition the Fun Way has been a staple in the classroom nation-wide since 1998. Kids who memorize numbers easily find it fun and entertaining and those students who struggle with rote memorization are finally able to keep up with their peers when it comes to addition and subtraction tests after completing the program. Simple, fun, easy, and effective. Addition the Fun Way will give your students a foundation that will last all through fractions, ratios, algebra, and beyond.

Addition the Fun Way Book for Kids (main text storybook)
Addition the Fun Way Clue Cards (characters from the story along with the number fact)
Addition the Fun Way Student Workbook( practice pages and quizzes)
Subtraction Cards (Guess who is missing from the story to remember answers to subtraction facts)
Addition the Fun Way Teacher’s Manual (lesson plans and games)
Addition the Fun Way Activity Sheets (FREE Bonus Gift-downloadable PDF)
Addition the Fun Way Clue Cards (FREE Bonus Gift-downloadable PDF for playing games in Teacher’s Manual when 2 sets needed)


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