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Brand new from City Creek Press! This is the print at home download PDF version of the fun and engaging DOTTIOS Addition Puzzle Game. Students become proficient with the basic addition facts, adding up to the sum of ten. Play money is paid from the bank when certain combinations are made. Game is complete when all the squares are fillled with the tiles. Students love this game and learn to visualize the patterns for each number on the Dottio tile so mental calculation is easy, fun, and fast. Helps students commit the facts to memory while playing this entertaining and fun game.

Set-up: Print three 8.5 x 11 pages on card-stock and two on plain paper.(Templates provided in the PDF download file) Cut apart the Dottios tiles and Bank Money.
How to Play: Place the tiles face down.
Each player selects 5 tiles and takes turns placing the correct combinations on one of the boards.
Each pair placed earns money from the bank.
Directions are included in the download, along with Two Playing Boards, One Sheet of Cut-Apart Dottios. (50 Dottios tiles) and two sheets of play money.
Students learn to add by visualizing the dot pattern on the Dottios. Also provides practice with counting and adding dollar bills, $1.00, $2.00, and $5.00 play money dollar bills included in the game.
Game works for 2-6 players and designed for all ages.

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