Play Pieces for Times Tables the Fun Way PDF


75 play pieces to recreate the stories in the Times Book.


You can download the play pieces and print them on cardstock to make the characters from the stories. The student can re-create the stories from the Times Book for Kids. 75 pieces included in three separate sheets to be printed on 8.5 x 11 cardstock. The pieces are color coded so you can separate them by the story. Imaginative play helps kids remember the story and the answers to the Times Facts from the Times Tables the Fun Way Book for Kids. Students should know the story in the Times Book for Kids before attempting to pick the characters from the story and find the answers in the play piece set.


  1. Deanna Poellnitz (verified owner)

    So grateful for the return of the play pieces! I was able to print 2 sets at OfficeMax, laminate them, then adhere one set to magnetic strips, the other to flannel pieces. My son has a blast retelling the stories. He mastered his facts very quickly.

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