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15 Fabulous Songs That Help Kids Remember!

Theme songs go with the stories found in the in the Times Tables the Fun Way Book For Kids, sold separately. This music CD is full of lively and exciting tunes that will make you want to tap your feet, dance, and sing along. Catchy rhymes play in your head, helping kids remember. Each story in the Times Book for Kids is represented. Rich and full sounds come from the Tessie’s beautiful voice, the accompanying guitar, drums, and sound effects to include horn from the 4×4 truck and rap percussion in the 3×4 easy and clear cheer.

You can purchase the PDF of the Words for the Songs and sing along.

These are the same songs are used to make the music videos in Online Times Alive.


Songs are:

4×4 Fly Fly Away
3×4 Easy and Clear Cheer
3×3 A Nice Surprise
6×3 Stay Put Big Foot
6×4 Long to Be Soarin’
6×6 Thirsty Desert Walk
6×8 Specialty Dish
7×3 Spin a Cocoon
7×4 The Fireman’s Bell
7×6 Jump Like A Kangaroo
7×7 Marchin’ Hard
8×3 Black Lagoon
8×4 Mud Pies in Their Eyes
8×7 Spunky Boy
8×8 Snow Falling on Cedars

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