Times Tables the Fun Way Movies



WATCH AND LEARN—32 animated stories and songs based on the book Times Tables the Fun Way.

Now kids can watch movies of the Times Alive stories and songs. Each chapter is divided into three facts with a song and story for each.
Brand new from City Creek Press.

Run-time 64 minutes.

Includes the following music videos and a story for each fact listed, plus a section on the Fives and Nines. The movies cover all the facts threes through the nines.

4×4 Fly Fly Away
3×4 Easy and Clear Cheer
3×3 A Nice Surprise
6×3 Stay Put Big Foot
6×4 Long to Be Soarin’
6×6 Thirsty Desert Walk
6×8 Specialty Dish
7×3 Spin a Cocoon
7×4 The Fireman’s Bell
7×6 Jump Like A Kangaroo
7×7 Marchin’ Hard
8×3 Black Lagoon
8×4 Mud Pies in Their Eyes
8×7 Spunky Boy
8×8 Snow Falling on Cedars

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