Times Tables the Fun Way Posters PDF Download


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Times Posters Available in PDF Download. Print size 13×20 but you can scale it to fit size 8.5×11. All students see the picture while you tell the story.

You will need the Times Tables the Fun Way Book for Kids to go with the posters and to tell the stories otherwise the posters don’t make sense.
The posters are ideal for a large class. Fifteen posters represent each story in the Book for Kids. All the 3’s, 4’s, 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s.

15 posters per set
Enlargements of pictures in the Book for Kids
Keep posted to enhance retention
Size 13″ x 20″
Use as a visual-aid while teaching the story.
To download go to my account after placing order in right corner of home page. Select previous order and find the pdf download link.
Requires the stories in the Times Book for Kids.



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