Youtube Links for Times Tables the Fun Way Movies


Youtube private links for Times Tables the Fun Way Movies


WATCH AND LEARN—35 animated stories and songs videos to teach the times tables 0s-9s: based on the book Times Tables the Fun Way.

Now kids can watch movies and music videos of the Times Alive stories and songs. The PDF document includes private, unlisted links to the Times Tables the Fun Way Movies hosted by Youtube. Perfect for your Google Classroom. Includes license for one teacher to share with up to thirty students.

PDF Includes private links for the following music videos and a story for each fact listed.

3×3 story Three Blind Mie
3×3 song A Nice Surprise

3×4 story Cheers at Southgate
3×4 song Easy and Clear Cheer

3×7 story The Special Seven Tree
3×7 song Spin a Cocoon

3×8 story Big Snake Scares the Bat
3×8 song Black Lagoon

4×4 story Bart Goes Hang Gliding
4×4 song Fly Fly Away

6×3 story Hunter Sees Big Foot
6×3 song Stay Put Big Foot

6×4 story The Magic Pond
6×4 song Long to Be Soarin’

6×6 story Twins Cross the Desert
6×6 song Thirsty Desert Walk

6×8 story A Birthday on a Ship
6×8 song Specialty Dish

7×4 story The Fire at the Farm
7×4 song The Fireman’s Bell

7×6 story How High Can They Jump
7×6 song Jump Like a Kangaroo

7×7 story Keeping America Clean
7×7 song Marchin’ Hard

7×8 story Bouncing in the Back Yard
7×8 song Spunky Boy

8×8 story Snowmen Go Camping
8×8 song Snow Falling on Cedars

Zero is the King
The Ones
The Twos
The Fives
The Nines


Sample: 6×8 song—Specialty Dish



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