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How it Works: Memorizing with mind pictures.

Times Tables the Fun Way Winner of the Academics Choice Award

Since 1992 City Creek Press has been helping kids get a kick out of learning by offering easy, fun, and effective programs to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The colorful cartoons and stories, songs, and cards reach all learning styles and especially shines for kids who have learning differences.

City Creek Press offers Addition and Times Tables the Fun Way materials for the classroom to teach the basic math facts.

Times Alive teaches all the times tables 0s-9s with animated stories, songs, games. It keeps track of student progress recording lessons completed and quiz scores.

Once the student learns the story and sees the picture, they will have a memorable brain-picture to help them refer to the mental image to remember the answers to the fact. Each of the characters look like the number in the story, for instance, twin sixes cross the desert 6×6. When kids see six times six on their quiz they will remember the picture in the desert of the sixes crossing with their tongues hanging out and remember 6×6 is 36 for “thirsty sixes.”

Times Alive Online is our subscription based computer program which handles an unlimited number of students. It teaches the 0s-9s with our famous picture and story method.

You can purchase the Times Alive App for one-at-a-time student tracking at the Apple store or Google play store. The Apps can be cleared and allow start over feature for a new student.

The Times Alive App for Your Device. Download the app now.

Free Version: Times Alive Lite

Try the free app version at the i-tunes store. Works with iPhones and iPads. Three free lessons with in app purchase option.