Introducing the NEW Online Times Alive

Good News! The past six months we have been developing a non-flash version of Online Times Alive. Last week we completed the program. It is available right now for Member’s use at

Many of you know that our first Online Times Alive uses Adobe Flash which has become outdated. By the end of 2020 Flash will no longer be supported by many popular browsers like Chrome. 

If you are a member and would like to switch over to the NEW non-flash version, here’s what you need to know: Since there is no way to transfer existing progress reports from the flash version to the new non-flash Online Times Alive, your present students will have to start fresh with a new progress report.  This is why we will keep the old Flash-version available to you if it is still working fine and your student is in the process of completing the lesson plans and wants to retain their progress report. As you know, the students have had to return to the same computer to access the progress report because data is stored on the resident computer with the flash-based program.

Returning to the same computer is no longer a limiting feature with our NEW Online Times Alive
Student records and progress reports will be stored on a server instead of the local computer. This means users can access the program from any computer at school or at home and still retain their progress records. The teacher or parent can also login with the student’s name from a different location to see a particular student’s progress report. You will be able to track up to 30 students under one membership account for a teacher or parent.

You can access the old flash based program from the button on the MY Account page. You can access the NEW Online Times Alive from the top of the home page in the purple bar at Members can use either program or both. For simple access to NEW Online Times Alive, all members can go to: We are super excited about this improvement to Online Times Alive which will now work with any computer that has an internet connection, including Chrome Books.

For device use, please get our app: Times Alive from Google Play or the Apple store. The app tracks one student at a time but can be cleared to start a new student.

Online Times Alive has provided thousands of hours of entertainment and education to kids across the world.  In the recent months, Online Times Alive has become extremely popular since so many students are learning online. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to continuing to provide your students with the entertaining and educational math lessons provided by Online Times Alive.

Watch the video below to learn about switching over and to see the new ONLINE TIMES ALIVE in action.

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